Time to Say Goodbye!

Aweform has served thousands of users over the years and it has been a hell of a ride. However, we are now at a point where we are no longer accepting new users.

Existing users can continue to use the service until November 2024, at which point operations will end.
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Creating surveys to capture customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, or organize events has never been easier.

Aweform is super easy to use, works in any modern browser and can be customized to match your desired look and feel.

Your surveys pop with stylish animations and pre-defined themes.


Create fun and dynamic quizzes to measure knowledge, evaluate progress and more.

Assign Score for automatic grading and use Jumps to control the flow through the quiz, reacting dynamically to the answers given to provide a robust and exciting quizing experience.

Allow respondents to share their Score with the world via easy to use social sharing features.

Sample Quiz


Need to check the pulse of your team? Gather ideas for your next field trip? Get feedback on your dinner party last night? We've got you covered.

With Aweform every screen is easy to use and focuses on gathering the information you need with real time response tracking and insights.

Easy to Use and Powerful Analytics

Aweform collects responses in real time and features a robust set of response visualizations for your data. You can even export all of the results to Excel for even more in-depth custom analysis.

Net Promoter Score

Aweform is the easiest way to capture and analyze the industry standard NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Setup is as simple as clicking a box, and analytics are provided in real-time without the need of any additional tools.

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Integrations & API

Aweform can be integrated with 100:s of different system via Zapier. Automatically push your results to Google Sheets or One Drive? Check. Automatically push responses to a mailing list in MailChimp? Check. The possibilities are endless.

We also provide a robust API for you to use if you want to roll your own, its a simple REST API that is straight forward and super easy to use.