Survey Examples

Need help getting started? Below you'll find a number of great survey examples to inspire you and get you started quickly.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Your existing customers are your most valuable assets. Getting to know them, and showing them that you care about what they think about your company, products and surveys is very important for any business. With Aweform you can create beautiful surveys that match your brand profile to really impress your clients and help your business grow by getting closer to them.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Copy this Form

Human Resources Surveys

Use Aweform to reduce the need for paper forms and go all digital for your job applications, employee reviews and exit interviews. You can create anonymous surveys to preserve employee confidentiality. Easily match your brand profile with Aweforms deep customization options, or use one of our professional templates and work from there.

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Research Surveys

When you want to know more about the needs of your clients or prospects conducting a market research survey or product research survey is a great way to do that. With Aweform you can easily create a super fast and professional looking survey that matches your brand. Questions are shown one at a time to get your respondents total focus. You can also use "Jumps" to dig deeper into specific areas and react appropriately to responses given.

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Education Surveys

For educational institutions garthering feedback from both students and parents is essential. With Aweform you can quickly and easily create Surveys/Forms to get timely feedback on your lessons, and strike up constructive dialogues with parents and students alike to find out what is working and what is not in your classroom. You can even easily create compelling quizzes that allow you to test student comprehension with ease.

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Event Surveys

If you are planning a corporate meeting, party or even a wedding, getting the right information from your attenddees is super important. Aweform helps you plan the perfect event by knowing who is coming, what preferences they have and collecting whatever contact information you require.

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Event Invite Form Copy this Form