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If you want to add branching, forks, or conditional Questions to your Form, then Jumps is just what you need.

With Jumps you can create a Form that responds to the answers you get. You can skip irrelevant Questions, do branching paths and more. Best of all, the Responder gets a seemless experience without ever knowing.

To add Jumps, simple enable the Jumps section on any Question, then click "Add Jump To Rule". You can add any number of rules, but only the first matching rule is used. If no matching rule is found, the default is to go to the next Question.

Jump To Rule


The rule contains of one or more conditions, for example "Answer" is "Option A" OR "Answer" is "Option B".

When Conditions Are Met Go To

Second, you select which Question to go to when all the conditions is met, this can be any Question, before or after the Question with the Jump To Rule.

TIP: It can be helpful mapping out your flow on paper before you start, especially if you are doing something very complex.