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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I log into my account?

If you are having difficulty logging in, please use the password recovery function on the login page. If you still cannot login, please contact us at

Can I build conditions or "skip logic" into my forms?

Yes, with Aweform you can use a feature called "Jumps" to do this. You can learn more on the specifics on the Jumps page.

Can I copy a form?

Yes, to copy a Form, go to the Workspace view and locate the Form you want to copy. Second, click the "Quick Links" bottom right corner of the box representing the form. Select "Copy".

Can I move a Form to another Workspace?

No, a Form cannot currently be moved to another Workspace. However you can use the "Copy" function to make a copy in another Workspace. The copy will contain all the same components and styling as the original form, however answers are not copied.

Can I copy a Form to a different Account?

No, this is not currently possible. However you can grant any User access to any Workspace, and use the "Copy" function to make a copy available to another User.

Can I identify my respondents?

Yes. You can use Hidden Values to send identification information to your Form that is accessible with each Response.

Can I pre-populate fields?

You can pre-populate Hidden Fields with any data you choose. However you cannot set answers to Questions.

How can I access the responses?

Responses can be accessed from the "Responses" tab for each Form. Here you can see an overview of the answers given, and export them to Excel.

Can I edit submitted responses?

No, this is not currently possible to do.