Aweform vs SurveyMonkey

We're often asked how Aweform compares to SurveyMonkey, since both allow you to create compelling forms in a quick and easy way.

User Experience

Here at Aweform we think the user experience is paramount, which is why we have chosen a clean modern style, with animated flourishes. We're focusing the user on one question at a time, so they can focus on getting you the answers you need, and making you look good in the process.



Another important factor for any user experience is speed. Research indicates that if a user has to wait more than a couple of seconds, engagement drops like a rock.

With that in mind we have dedicated considerable effort to a fast user experience, and in testing with industry standard Google PageSpeed we can clearly see the results of that effort.

Check out the below timeline, straight from Google, indicating the difference over time. The SurveyMonkey form is ready for user input after 4 seconds, the form on Aweform is ready at 2 seconds. (Do note that SurveyMonkey doesn't support a background image on their free version, so its not quite an apples to apples comparision).



Another difference is in price, we want to offer a more affordable alternative, with fewer tiers but while giving you access to the features you need.

SurveyMonkey starts at $32 for a single user, per month. If you need to have more than one user, you need their team plans which start at $25 per user/month, with a 3 user minimum. SurveyMonkey plans are billed annually at these prices, if you want month to month, you need to pay an extra 18-24% on top of that.

Aweforms pricing is simpler, we offer a free tier with some minor limitations, and then you can upgrade to access Pro level features for just $9 per user/month.

SurveyMonkey Aweform
1 user $32 $9
5 users $125 $45
Pricing Comparison
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