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What is Aweform?

Aweform is a web based tool that you can use to create professional looking surveys or forms, quickly and easily.

What can I use Aweform for?

With Aweform you can build anything where gathering information is at the core of what you want to do. Typical use cases include:

Who is Aweform for?

Everyone and anyone who wants to ask questions. It's super easy to get started. You can make something that looks fantastic, is super fast, and that people will enjoy completing in minutes.

Market researchers, recruiters, event planners, educators, customer success people, online marketers, salespeople, and all-round creative builders use Aweform every day.

How much does Aweform cost?

Its free to get started, with the majority of features available to all users. When you are ready you can upgrade to the Pro version for just $9 per user and month to unlock multi-user support and a few nice extras.

Which devices and browsers are supported?

Forms can be viewed and completed using the following:

Forms can be created on the same devices, excluding smartphones.