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On the Account screen you can access the details for your Account such as Name, Email Address, Version (Free or Pro) & Billing Information

Account Details


Here you will see the Accounts name, if given. Names are entirely optional but can be helpful if you have many users. To change or add a name, move your mouse over the area and use the pen icon on the right.

Email Address

This is the email address you use to authenticate with Aweform, to change the email address simply move the mouse over the area and use the pen icon on the right.

User Since

This shows you when your account was first created.

Version and Billing


Either Free or Pro.

Monthly Cost

Here you'll see the monthly cost which will be charged from your credit card.

Owner of

Here you will see how many workspaces you have and how many unique users are in those workspaces.

Credit Card

Here you can see what type of credit card is used for your account, the ending numbers and the expiration date.


Under the support section you'll find a link to the Help Center and an email link to contact support if needed.


Under the API section you'll find your API key which can be used to access the Aweform API. This feature is only available for Pro accounts.