Aweform vs Google Forms

Aweform is a great alternative to Google Forms, with a more modern presentation and a robust feature set.

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Google Forms Features Compared to Aweform

Aweform goes above and beyond compared to Google Forms, even on the Free tier, allowing you to create more visually appealing forms, adding advanced scoring or jumps, even in the free version. Aweform also has a reasonably priced Pro tier if you want to access additional features.

| Google Forms (Free) | Aweform Basic (Free) Response Limits | No limits | No limits (Analytics limited to last 100 responses) Logic Jumps | n/a | Yes Number of Forms | No limits | No limits Questions | No limits | Max 10 (Unlimited in Pro) File Upload | Yes (via Google Drive) | n/a Calculator for quizzes | Yes | Yes Custom Thank You Screen | Yes | Yes Multiple Thank You Screens | n/a | Yes Respondent email notifications | Yes | n/a Personalize with Hidden Fields | n/a | Yes Facebook pixel | n/a | Yes Google Analytics | n/a | Yes Close embed on completion | n/a | Yes Redirect on completion | n/a | Yes Remove Google branding | n/a | No (Requires Pro) Team collaboration | Yes | No (Requires Pro) Net Promoter Score | n/a | Yes Excel Export | Yes (via Google Sheets) | No (Requires Pro) API | Yes | No (Requires Pro)

Superior User Experience

Here at Aweform we think the user experience is paramount, which is why we have chosen a clean modern style, with animated flourishes. We're focusing the user on one question at a time, so they can focus on getting you the answers you need, and making you look good in the process.

Google Forms on the other hand have a much simpler presentational style, traditional if you will. We'll leave it at that and just show you the difference. The screenshots below are clickable as well and will give you a form on each platform to play around with.

Google Forms

Aweform is also lightning fast, in fact, even faster than Google Forms (which if we are honest, are also pretty ok). Using Googles own PageSpeed service, which scores a page on a scale 1 - 100, Google Forms clocks in at a respectable 67, while Aweform knocks it out of the park at a solid 97.

Ready to get started? We think its about time you take Aweform for a spin, we promise you will be more than happy that you did. Just click the big green button below =)

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