Aweform vs Google Forms

We're often asked how Aweform compares to Google Forms, since both allow you to create forms in a quick and easy way.

User Experience

Here at Aweform we think the user experience is paramount, which is why we have chosen a clean modern style, with animated flourishes. We're focusing the user on one question at a time, so they can focus on getting you the answers you need, and making you look good in the process.

Google Forms on the other hand have a much simpler presentational style, traditional if you will. We'll leave it at that and just show you the difference. The screenshots below are clickable as well and will give you a form on each platform to play around with.

Google Forms


Both Aweform and Google Forms support the basic building blocks of any good form. Simple text questions as well as Single and Multiple Choice questions, as well as Scale/Rating, Dates and so on.

Google Forms also supports File upload, which Aweform currently doesn't do. On the other hand Aweform has a handy specialized Net Promoter Score (NPS) mode, supports advanced Scoring, and Jumps (also known as skip logic or conditional questions). Aweform also has a simple to use API and Zapier integration in the Pro version, as well as email notifications and Excel exports.


Another important factor for any user experience is speed. Research indicates that if a user has to wait more than a couple of seconds, engagement drops like a rock.

With that in mind we have dedicated considerable effort to a fast user experience, and in testing with industry standard Google PageSpeed we can clearly see the results of that effort.

Thankfully our friends over at Google have also done a good job optimizing their own forms, providing a much higher level of performance than some of our other competitors.

Google Forms
Survey Monkey


Google Forms is Free, while Aweform has both a Free version (with the majority of features included) and a Pro version which gives you access to a few nice extras.

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