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Question Types

You build your Form out of one or more questions, this page lists all the different types you can use to build your Form.

To add a Question to your Form, click the "Add Question or End Screen" button found on the "Edit" tab for a specific Form.

It is also possible to add a new Question by hovering over an already added Question, and selecting the small "Add (Before this one)" button.


A single or multi select with options for the user to select from. Learn more about Select.

Short Text

A single line text input, ideal for asking for a name for example. Learn more about Short Text.

Long Text

A multi line text input, great if you need to capture a longer text. Learn more about Long Text.


An email address. Learn more about Email.


A number input where you can control the min and max values allowed. Learn more about Number.


A date input, useful for birth days and so on. Learn more about Date.


A highly configurable rating input, select number of steps and range. Also support Net Promoter Score / NPS mode. Learn more about Rating.


A simple yes/no question. Learn more about Yes/No.

Picture Choice

A single or multi select with images or icons for the user to select from. Learn more about Picture Choice.


A screen useful for conveying information. Learn more about Screen.

End Screen

A nice way to end a form. Only one End Screen is shown. Learn more about End Screen.

Hidden Value

Hidden Values give you a method of sending in additional data to your Form that is not shown in the interface. Learn more about Hidden Value.