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Scoring is a great tool if you want to make a quiz, or create a simple shopping basket.

Scoring allows you to apply calculations to your Questions. The Score is shared for the entire Form, and carried from one Question to the next.

To add Scoring to your Question, simple toggle the Scoring section and click "Add Score Rule".

Score Rule

A Score Rule consists of a condition, and an action part. The condition varies based on what type of Queston you have.

If the answer

Using a Text Question for example, you have access to Is, Is Not, Starts With, Does Not Start With, Ends With, Does Not End With, Contains and Does Not Contain.


If the Condition is met, you can perform one of several operations, including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

Its also possible to combine any number of Score Rules on the same question, to do more complex things such as Multiply and Add and so on.