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Why Should You Create a Quiz?

For a business owner creating an online quiz is a great way to both attract new customers or to retain and engage existing customers. Share your quiz using social media to drive engagement in a great way.

For teachers and corporate trainers creating a quiz can be a great way to engage their students both during and outside of classes. Quizzes can boost memory retention and make learning more fun and engaging.

For product developers and SaaS companies it can be a great way to reinforce product onboarding, or to gauge the outcome of product tutorials and help center articles.

And ofc, you can make a quiz for other people's enjoyment, focusing on popular topics of the day.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Here you have a short sample quiz:

Where to Start

Regardless of if you are an entrepreneur, teacher or trainer you first need to figure out why you want to create a quiz. Consider who your target audience is and what you want them to accomplish. What are your own goals? To help you get started we’ve included a number of example use cases to help you.

Memory Retention Booster

The testing effect is a well established concept in psychology and plainly states that the more you test your knowledge, the more you’ll retain it. Want customers to remember how to use the key features in your product? Want prospects to be aware of your key benefits? Students to retain what you’ve taught them? Create a quiz to cement their knowledge.

Lead Generator

No doubt you’ve already got a set of nice “pillar pages” setup on your website, you have one or more topics that are very near and dear to your brand. Maybe you sell fire safety supplies? Maybe you provide IT security services? Creating a quiz centered around your core pillars and sharing that using social media channels can be a great way to drive brand engagement and generate new leads.

Increase Student Engagement

Students as we all know aren’t exactly excited about tests. But with a quiz or two you can make learning more fun and engaging. Use visual aids, employ multiple-choice questions and make it a fun experience to not only more easily track your students progress, but also increase their engagement during class.

Boost Your Company Culture

With remote work on the rise the need to communicate and foster a shared company culture is getting ever more complicated. Quizzes can be a highly useful tool. Create a quiz around your company history. Create a quiz centered around your personnel to get them to know one another better, or create a quiz around your company goals and values. Or why not all of the above.

Creating a Quiz with Aweform

Creating a quiz with Aweform is a breeze. Typically you’d want to start with a “Select” type question, and add a scoring rule. To make things even simpler, you can Start from our Quiz Template and be ready to go in no time.

Quiz Template Copy this Form

Some Useful Tips

  1. Treat your quiz takers as your best friends, personalize the quiz where it makes sense, make them feel welcome. Aweforms fantastic styling options can help here =)
  2. Keep the number of questions limited, ideally you’d want them to be able to finish the quiz in a couple of minutes.
  3. Deliver a great experience, take your time with the questions and answer choices. Select a nice background, and an appropriate font. And why not spice things up with some particles. Make it a more memorable experience.
  4. Leverage “Jumps” to offer a guiding hand if you can find that some additional assistance is needed, ex: five questions in the Score is still zero, might want to cut in with a little extra guidance.
  5. Use the “Score” feature to automatically calculate a score for every quiz taker. This score is automatically stored and reported on in Aweforms result view. At the end of the quiz make sure to tell them how they did, either by using multiple end screens, or by presenting the Score straight up when they finish.
  6. Remember that Aweform quizzes work on computers, tablets and phones. So feel free to share it freely and confidently. You can even embed the quiz straight up on your website, or even get people started from an email.

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