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Question Type - Number

A Number question can be used to gather any kind of number from your Respondents. Maybe you want to know how may guests will be arriving at your event, or the persons age for example.

To add a Number to your Form, use the Add Question dialog.


In the Question input, you enter the question you want to have answered.


You can optionally add a Description, a longer text fleshing out your question, by using the Description toggle and entering the text you want.

Image / Video

If desired, you can add an Image or a Video to your Question. You can use either one, but not both at the same time. Learn more about Images and Videos.


Use the Required toggle to control if the Respondent has to answer the Question to continue or not.

Min / Max

You can optionally constrain the min and max values allowed by entering them in the corresponding input fields.


Select Questions support Scoring. Read all about Scoring.


Select Questions support Jumps. Read all about Jumps.